Shower Remodel Ideas For Bathrooms

Shower Remodel

Shower Remodeling projects are all the rage right now, and for good reason: showering is great for your body, but can also be very toxic to your environment if improperly installed or managed. One of the main reasons that many individuals (and companies such as apartment owners and hotels) perform a shower remodel is their frustration dealing with old, dirty tile grout joints; or trying (and unsuccessfully) to clean the bottom part of a standard contractors-grade fiberglass shower tub or pan. Shower problems can range from annoying showers that drip water from the shower floor to problematic hot showers that cause the room temperature to rise dangerously. In any case, if you are considering a new shower remodel, here are some important questions to ask your local contractors:

How will the new shower flooring be installed? Will the tiles be installed using screws, adhesive, special grouts, or a liner? The type of shower fixtures that you require will also dictate the type of installation. Tile is easier to replace once it becomes worn, but ceramic fixtures are often permanent fixtures, so they will need to be replaced every ten years or so.

Are there different types of shower fixtures that I need for my bathroom remodel? Most bathroom remodels will require some combination of one or more of the following shower fixtures: rain shower head, hand showers, power heads, and soap dispensers. If you have a smaller bathroom, you might not need all of these, or need only one or two of them. Just make sure that your contractor gives you an option to add more at a later date.

What other bathroom features must be in place before my renovation? Adding tile grout to your shower can greatly improve the look of your renovation, but you must also choose your tile grout wisely. Tile grouting isn’t a job for a homeowner–you need to hire a professional. Tile installation companies often carry a wide range of tile grouts, including high quality porcelain and ceramic grouts.

Is my bathroom remodel budget large enough to cover it? It’s very important to keep your remodeling budget realistic. Your bathroom remodel may include some major appliances such as a whirlpool tub or a hot tub, which will cost a lot of money. You should also look for ideas for new lighting to add to your shower. Many times homeowners choose to install recessed lighting instead of using over the head lighting because it’s more subtle and less expensive. If your budget allows, consider replacing your shower curtain with a designer one to completely change the look of your shower.

Shower Remodeling can be a lot of fun, but there are also several things that you need to keep in mind. Most importantly, if you’re going to tackle a major remodeling project like this you should look into all the details, including getting professional advice. Also, installing new shower valves and walk-in showers are pretty much just a matter of finding the right products at the right price, so don’t forget about them!